Taggie’s Story – The Story of a Cat

Taggie is the spokesperson of Petto Pet! Currently eight months old, he is my first pet.

With furs of brown and old, and plate-sized golden eyes, I fell love with him on first sight.

I welcomed Taggie’s arrival on a snowy December day. It was the best day of my life, and my life completely changed after his arrival.

Many people don’t know the responsibilities needed to take care of a pet. They often don’t know the changes pets can bring to people’s lives and the love that has to be given to every furry friend.

So, through my cat Taggie’s story, I wish to convey how the decision to take care of a pet is based on responsibilities.

What will happen after your furry friend comes home?

1: Changes In Daily Routines

After inviting your pet home, there is a lot of work to do. Your pet will be an extra person added to your life that need you to take care of. While pets establish new routines, your daily routine changes. Starting with doing chores and studying as your daily routines, after your furry friend’s arrival, it might change to scope the poops or go on walks with him or her. Changes might be sudden and drastic that can affect your life. But, that is one thing you have to think of beforehand when thinking of inviting a furry friend into your life.

2: New Financial Expenditures

Having pets can be very costly. Vet bills, pet food, pet toys can all make your monthly bill list longer. It is very important to check your financial situation first before getting a pet. Pets not only need your love, but also many supports and regular checks that cost money.

3: More LOVE

Being a pet owners, most of your love need to be dedicated to your furry friends. You will have to spend most of your time caring your pets and giving them love. As your daily routines change, your will start to spend more time with your pet, whether taking care of them or loving them your love.

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