Lulu’s Story

Every kitten has their own story. Each and every one of them has their own unique journey in finding a loving home.

Lulu is no exception.

Lulu was found, like most kittens these day, on an online app. The family of five immediately loved the kitten on first sight. With Lulu’s cute little paws and bright turquoise coloured eyes, she is adorable!

The family set out to visit Lulu the next day, despite the snowy weather conditions.

Lulu, after arriving at her new home, was scared and had a hard time adapting.

“She was scared but when she came to our house she was very curious and explored everything before going into hiding under sofas,” said the youngest of the three kids.

However, the children in the family quickly became Lulu’s best friends. As lulu becomes more and more familiar with the family, they discovered many of her characteristics and got to know her better.

“She loves sleeping and going outside. She would meow forever at the door until we distract [her] with another toy.”

Although Lulu still gets scared often, she is getting more and more relaxed in her new home and is starting to love the family of five in her own way.

“She’s not very affectionate but would always run to us when we come down the stairs or open our door.”

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